Wild Elephants

Two photos of wild elephants clicked somewhere inside Kaziranga National Park.

Wildlife at it full glory

These pictures were clicked while moving through NH37, where Kaziranga National Park runs along the highway for a stretch of about 60Km. On a good sunny day, wild animals can be seen from the highway, if you are lucky. This is for the first time that I have seen so many wild animals together.


কাজিৰঙা অভয়াৰণ্যত এটি শীতৰ আবেলি আৰু এটি সুন্দৰ সুৰ্য্যাস্ত। বহু দিনৰ মূৰত এটি সন্তোসজনক ফটো তুলিলো। মনটো ভাল লাগিল।