The beauty of Sunset

I have always been an appreciator of the beauty of Sunset. Here are few sunset pictures clicked at various points of time during last eight years at different places. One was clicked from the middle of a river; one was clicked at Kaziranga national Park. Another one was clicked at Madrid Barajas airport and so … Continue reading The beauty of Sunset

The Sun

Unlike the moon, the Sun is not so easily view-able. Sunset pictures also depict Sun as the source of light that illuminates other objects. The features of Sun's surface, such as, the spots, color, contour etc. remains always hidden from our eyes. I have searched the web for pictures of the Sun and the search … Continue reading The Sun

Goa .. once again!

Visited Goa in November last year. This is the second time I have visited Goa. It was in 2011 when I first visited Goa and liked it so much that I couldn't resist visiting it once more. Collected lot of memories to cherish for the years to come. Here are two photos of setting sun … Continue reading Goa .. once again!


কাজিৰঙা অভয়াৰণ্যত এটি শীতৰ আবেলি আৰু এটি সুন্দৰ সুৰ্য্যাস্ত। বহু দিনৰ মূৰত এটি সন্তোসজনক ফটো তুলিলো। মনটো ভাল লাগিল।